Canon imageFORMULA DR-7580 Document Scanners


Canon imageFORMULA DR-7580 Document Scanners

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Canon imageFORMULA DR-7580 Document Scanners


Further Information

The DR-7580 is packed with a rich range of versatile features enabling both low and mid volume production environments to fulfill their most demanding applications – while saving on labour costs, time and space.


Rapid scanning speeds of up to 75ppm.
A3 Scanning
Superior scanning quality, up to 600dpi.
Multistreamâ„¢ technology allowing simultaneous image outputs.
Double feed and simple staple detection.
Powerful CapturePerfect 3.0 utility software.
Detailed Features

Superior scanning speed
To substantially increase document scanning speeds, the DR-7580 features on-board JPEG compression and a new CIS (Contact Image Sensor). As a result, it attains speeds that reach right up to 75 ppm in black and white/greyscale mode (A4 portrait, 200 dpi) . Plus, with a maximum 150 ipm for fast duplexing, the DR-7580 offers unparalleled production productivity.

Outstanding quality
For high quality document scanning, the DR-7580 delivers an output resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi. Advanced text enhancement improves the legibility of light text, and a dual light sensor system prevents wrinkle shades on a document appearing on the scanned image.

A3 Handling Capability
The DR-7580 is well equipped for use in a wide range of business applications. It is capable of scanning up to A3 size, and can handle different paper formats and thicknesses in mixed batches providing the flexibility required for all types of environments.

Renowned reliability
The DR-7580 scanner utilises a new feeding mechanism, combined with Canon’s strong and durable original retard roller system. This allows the scanner to accept a wider range of paper thicknesses and provides even more reliable paper feeding performance.

MultiStreamâ„¢ efficiency
The inclusion of sophisticated MultiStreamâ„¢ technology allows simultaneous image outputs of two different scanning modes. For example, it enables the scanner to automatically detect the graphics and text on a page, compressing the image into a compact file size which easily managed and stored.

Compact and easy to use
A compact yet robust design guarantees easy placement as well as absolute dependability. The simplified operation panel on the main body of the scanner enables user-friendly operation. There’s a reduction in noise levels for quiet use. Plus double feed and simple staple detection add to problem-free operation.

Powerful CapturePerfect utility software
New CapturePerfect 3.0 Utility software, combined with Canon’s latest driver and scanner hardware functions, offers the capability and versatility needed for extensive applications – while also optimising image quality and overall ease of use. A range of optional accessories are also available to increase productivity.


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