SM Pro Audio PR8E 8 Channel Microphone PreAmp


SM Pro Audio PR8E 8 Channel Microphone PreAmp


SM Pro Audio PR8E 8 Channel Microphone PreAmp


8 x discrete microphone preamplifiers

Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range

Low-Noise Operating Levels

XLR/combo Inputs, TRS Outputs

48V Phantom Power per channel

Phase Reverse per channel

Gain control per channel

Peak Light Per channel


The new PR8-E multi-channel mic/line preamp is the vanguard of the “next-generation” in the SMPRO range. Using the latest components available and redesigned from the ground up, the PR8-E’s carefully structured single circuit board design results is an exceptionally low noise pre-amp boasting a very high gain structure.

Tailored to suit a wide variety of applications, the PR8E is perfectly suited for use as a front-end device for many hard disk recording systems, as well as adding additional mic pre’s to digital mixers and sound cards.

Each pre-amp features it’s own XLR/TRS jack “Combo” input connector, 48v phantom power switch for the mic-pre and a built-in -20dB pad in the 1/4 in. (6.5mm) TRS line-in jack sockets. Individual phase reversal switches are provided next to the eight balanced 1/4 in. (6.5mm) TRS output sockets on the rear panel. All this is housed inside a hardened steel chassis, complete with rack mounting panels.

Each mic-pre provides some 60dB of gain with a massive 23db of maximum output! Ultimately however, the quest is about sound quality. To this end, the PR8-E is certainly designed to deliver and will outperform just about any other device in it’s class.

Typical applications include:
– Expansion for multi-channel DAW’s.
– Improved mic performance for many existing mixing consoles.
– Direct Injection for line-level devices, such as keyboards, drum machines and effects processors


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